We won!  Our tippy tap video entitled “It’s in Your Hands” is one of 4 winners in youtube’s do-gooder nonprofit contest.  And that’s out of 1350 videos.

It’s funny how life works out.  Andrew Hinton is based in the UK.  We work in Panchgani.  Andrew had never heard of tippy taps.  And we had never heard of Andrew.  An ‘Initiatives of Change’ video assignment brought him to Asia Plateau in Panchgani where he stumbled across our Grampari tippy tap here during a stroll after tea.  And thus, the tippy tap video was born.

Another happy coincidence (aka watching the sloth video) meant that we ran across the youtube video contest.  “This will be fun,” we thought, “but we won’t actually win”.  That didn’t stop us from relentlessly spamming our friends though.  And then we won (and have managed to retain most of our friendships too….)

Which brings us to this website.   We believe in tippy taps.  More than the technology though, we believe in the kind of thinking that recognizes tippy taps, a really small and simple thing, could be the solution to a really big problem.   3.5 million children dying every year –could you ask for a bigger problem?  And hand washing with soap – could you think of a simpler solution?  It’s literally in your hands.

Clichés aside though, promotion of this life saving practice is not as easy as you might think.  Behavior change in general is a tricky business.  People don’t wash their hands for a variety of reasons.  Which means that you first have to identify what these reasons are.  And then overcome these barriers with a variety of tools.  We’ve created this website as  a forum for all things tippy tap and hand washing and as a resource to improve public health through the promotion of hand washing with soap.  Basically, what we wish we had when started out on this journey.  So come join us.  Send us your pictures, stories, designs, puns, limericks etc.  It’s in your hands now….



2 Responses to We won!

  1. PS Ramaswamy says:

    The Tippy Tap has become a “Topper Top”, coincidentally on World Water day. Congratulations! It’s always the thought and basic simple elementary things that are pathways to great achievements. Behaviour is deep rooted and it needs a lot of effort to change. Yes, it’s in our hands! Let’s Act!

  2. Keith Gregory says:

    I thought I was really ingenious when some 2 months ago I designed a Soapstream hand hygiene system to go onto a plastic bottle for developing countries.
    Then I found Tippy Taps you had beaten me to what I thought to be the most simple system for hand hygiene.
    But I then thought imagine all the tippy taps that must be out there and how many more we could get out there with several million dollars behind us.
    So I am writing to to you to let you know that I would like to help you in your quest which just happens to be mine as well.
    We have formed the Children Global Hygiene Foundation which assists organisations like yourselves in bringing hand hygiene and face washing systems and education to all children in the world.

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