Send us your pictures, share alternate designs and innovations. We believe that there is a tippy tap design that is perfect for EVERY situation, rural or urban that accounts for local material availability and local attitudes! Help prove us right!


4 Responses to Tippy Lab

  1. Nirmal Hand-washing Project is a combination of health behavior change program and experimental learning in which school children are taught to find simple solutions for the problems around them such as scarcity of water, infectious diseases, unclean environment and tobacco addiction among themselves. Construction of Tippy-Tap with the help of school children and their parents is one of the most important parts of this project. Various entertaining and useful activities in the program are another key secrets behind the success of the program.

  2. Using Grassroots comics as a tool to engage parents, teachers and more importantly kids in hand hygiene and sanitation program helps them look at the issue in their community, it’s impact on them and the solutions for it. It also helps us, as program implementer to understand what community thinks about the issue and how it perceives the solution. Creating “Grassroots Comics” itself is a fun activity which stimulates their creativity and improves the acceptance of the program by them.

  3. Gorm Hanssen says:

    A 1,5 Litre pop bottle, with two holes about 6cm from the uppermost point of the bottle. One at front, and one at the back.

    Also a string tied at the bottle’s neck and close to the bottom.

  4. YMCA-TOGO says:

    YMCA-TOGO is working with young people in Togo since 1903. It organises every year youth camp and this year during the camp held in Datcha (Togo),it introduces the Tippy Tap activities. This activity help more than 1000 young people know about Tippy Tap mecanism.That was wonderful and the participants was very happy.

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