AMURT (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team) in partnership with local NGO NIWA (Neighborhood Initiative for Women’s Advancement) working in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. We are near the completion of WATSAN project in Ebonyi  State in Nigeria. We are doing ten boreholes and four rehabilitations, along with training of the WASHCOMS. All the WASHCOMS built a Tippy Tap. Some of the WASHCOMs made it compulsory for the WASHCOM members to build Tippy Tap in their own compound. In Onuenyim village, the most remote in the program, all the WASHCOM members complied. They made another invention for Tippy Tap. They put a plastic bag over the soap, so that the rain will not wash it away, or make it fall off. It’s open in the bottom, but the plastic cover and protects the soap. It’s a good idea. So Tippy Tap has come to Nigeria, and we intend to continue to introduce in our projects for schools and clinics and future WASH programs in our project areas. Everyone likes it, especially the children think it’s fun to step on the stick and see the water pour. Thanks for wonderful innovative idea to handwashing!

– From Dada Daneshananda at


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