Tippy Taps at the Nirmal Bharat Yatra

The Nirmal Bharat Yatra is a travelling carnival with exciting interactive games, Bollywood style performances and dozens of other attractions– all aimed at tackling India’s sanitation and hygiene crisis. Saving lives through fun and “edutainment”! Part of said crisis includes the lack of handwashing with soap at critical times. Thus, the Tippy Tap has become an integral part of not only the Yatra but also the concurrently running WASH in Schools Program that aims to train 30,000 children and 200 teachers in good sanitation and hygiene behavior across India.

A very big and special guest, Bulbul, was invited to the Yatra in honor of Global Handwashing Day. Bulbul observed handwashings using the Tippy Tap and if the washing was perfect, she would personally reward them with soap from her trunk.

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Happy Global Handwashing Day!