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Watershed Management Group (WMG)

–working together towards sustainable solutions– was launched in collaboration with WMG and Grampari. WMG is a US based organization that develops community-based solutions to ensure the long-term prosperity of people and health of the environment. WMG works in India, West Africa and Central America to empower people with the knowledge, skills, and resources for sustainable livelihoods.

WMG works to uplift rural communities through watershed activities such as rainwater harvesting, groundwater recharging, through increasing access to improved water and sanitation services and through improving community healthy with WASH programs.

WMG also works to transform urban areas by  creating demonstration areas with community labor using  integrated water harvesting and green infrastructure workshops.  It has one of the most stringent rainwater harvesting certifications in the world.

Learn more at or visit WMG on facebook.

Grameen Pariyaavaren Kendra

Panchgani, India


Grampari is a program of Initiatives of Change (IofC) in India.  For the last 40 years, IofC has conducted trainings that focus on values-based leadership development and have enabled people to become powerful agents of change in their personal, work and societal environments. Grampari brings this change to rural society by building the capacity of rural society through thoughtful, community led programs in livelihoods, health and environment, empowerment and local governance.

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This website was put together with virtually no budget!  This labour of love was enabled by:

Pilgrim Films

Andrew Hinton from Pilgrim Films made the award winning tippy tap film and was one of’s earliest and most enthusiastic supporters. Chances are that you got to this site from his film. Pilgrim Films make high quality documentary films for broadcast, cinema and internet distribution.

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Webrelational Media LLP specializes in developing and integrating systems using Open-Source web technology. Based in Bangalore, this start-up provides website design, web application development and online marketing services worldwide. Thanks to them especially for map support.


Tapan Parekh of Dot Solutions in Mumbai fielded many a late night phone call and provided valuable technical support.


Emphanos LLC

Emphanos LLC, is an IT consulting company based in Chicago which provides a full range of professional CMS and online CRM solutions to non-profit organizations and businesses. They are providing web hosting and support for this site. Special thanks to Young Jin Kim for last minute crisis aversion!

Linda Parker shares her time between the the UK and Morrocco. She is the talented artist behind the behind the tippy tap icon you see on our home page and elsewhere.  

Aajwanthi Baradwaj is an interdisciplinary designer from Bangalore who worked on graphic design for the site.  See more of her exciting work at (

Ali Marjaie provided web design guidance and helped us take our initial steps on this site. He’s based in Pune with Symbiosis International University.

Rachel McMill is based in Sydney where she works with a nonprofit promoting mental health for young people. Currently visiting India, she has been key to bringing to life!